Creative people are in demand in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean you need to get a job to support yourself. Freelancing gives you the flexibility to create work that speaks to your values without committing to any one organisation.

We’ve created these two transformational workshops to help you launch your career as a freelancer with confidence. We’ll cover everything from working out what skills you have to offer, through to easy ways to manage the paperwork so you can spend your time creating work you feel great about.

Even if you’re already working as a freelancer, we’ll help you set the foundations to be successful with less stress over the admin. 

Free event, lunch and learning resources provided.
10am to 3pm, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October, 2019
The Unleash Space, Faculty of Engineering building, 20 Symonds St, Auckland Central.

Day 1: Your opportunity as a freelancer

Identify what you have to offer with your skillset, work out what to charge and how to target clients who share your values.

This workshop is focused on the opportunity you have to work as a freelancer. We’ll work out who your customers are, what work you want to be doing, how to get people to buy those skills, how to price your work and ways to fund your new business.

Even if you’re already selling your work, you’ll leave this workshop with a sense of what your future as a freelancer could look like, ready to think about the practical steps you need to take to make it happen.

Day 2: Freelancing hacks for creative people

Learn tips and tools that will help whether you’re new to freelancing or have some experience already. Spend more time doing the work you love, less time on admin, and learn from experienced creative freelancers.

In this workshop we take years of freelancing experience and share the tools, tips and hacks that will take the pain out of running your freelance business. 

Setting up these systems for yourself will make running your business simple so you can spend more time creating and less time worrying about paperwork and admin.

This workshop will help set you up with everything you need to start generating cash for your work, and if you’re already doing that, you’ll learn some new tools and tricks to upgrade your practice.


These workshops are co-facilitated by Logan Elliott and Elisabeth Vaneveld MNZM, find out more about them and the rest of the FutureMakers team here: