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Your Money Story – how to rewrite it

Everyone has a money story, and we can all take control of our story to rewrite the future we would like to build for ourselves. Watch this video to find out how to get started. Ready to keep going? Check out these posts next: Understanding Money Habits...

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The creative freelancer’s toolkit

Starting out as a freelancer, it's worth knowing what tools and services are out there to help you in business. Here's a collection of our favourite tools, guides, calculators and articles for freelancers.Don't know where to start? Try our...

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Contracting vs Employment – what’s the difference?

By understanding the difference between a contractor and and employee, it becomes more clear what costs need to be factored in to your pricing if you choose to work freelance.There are many differences between contractors and employees that affect the...

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Creative freelancing: 15 steps to a paying client

Creative people are in demand in the workplace and the good news is that you don’t need to be in full-time employment to be a part of it. Freelancing is an alternative that gives you the flexibility to create work that speaks to your values without...

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Money 2: Understanding Debt

Debt is almost a dirty word. With student loans, credit cards and other types of debt being readily available, it’s important to learn about debt and understand how to use it as a tool to achieve your goals. This material was developed for...

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Money 1: Understanding Money Habits

Change your money habits by learning more about WHY you spend the way you do, and what smart changes you can make to feel good about your bank balance. Learn about your money personality and how that affects your approach to spending. Once you understand why you...

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Wellbeing 2: Creative Resilience

A creative career is the journey of a lifetime, and it's important to have tools and resources to help navigate through life's ups and downs. Creative people have the opportunity to use their creative process to undertake any task to achieve their goals. This...

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Wellbeing 1: Exploring Wellbeing

CAI students experience particular challenges in relation to anxiety and stress, staying healthy, getting fit, being overwhelmed in the face of university work, confidence, self-doubt and making friends. The focus of this workshop is simple, self-help solutions,...

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arc/sec is an interdisciplinary research Lab at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland. Headed by Assoc. Prof. Uwe Rieger the Lab operates at the intersection of university, industry and community. Next to running focused research...

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Auckland Bioengineering Institute

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute works to improve medical diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease. Through the application of engineering sciences and technical innovation to medicine and human physiology. Opportunities for collaborating and integrating...

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