Making opportunities for yourself in Auckland’s creative ecology

Put yourself out there!

  1. Attend events, workshops and exhibitions where there may be good networking opportunities
  2. Be distinctive and genuine
  3. Follow creative arts professionals, organisations, your peers and events online
  4. Enter competitions, participate in special events, build social media presence
  5. Research people within your field you aspire to. Remember their names
  6. Reach out via email or in person when you see them around
  7. Get over being afraid to introduce yourself

Develop connections & relationships

  1. Follow up after you meet someone via email
  2. Maintain relationships – remember people’s names
  3. Find a mentor who can help guide you
  4. Build your profile – continue to put yourself out there via social media, exhibitions, competitions etc
  5. Be positive, enthusiastic and a ‘yes’ person
  6. Be indispensable, punctual and professional

Work on your personal brand

  1. Find your voice and establish a look
  2. Identify your audience, tribe and/or community
  3. Align yourself with individuals and organisations through collaborations
  4. Be consistent with your messaging across all communications
  5. Retain a list of connections, keep them up to date with what you’re up to

Adapt to an evolving context

  1. Diversify your skillset
  2. Identify a need within a broader context that aligns with your values and that you can contribute to
  3. Have a plan but be open to change
  4. Our other work / side hustles need to be accepted as part of our interconnected web of creative work
  5. Position yourself for success by associating with those moving in the direction of where you want to be going
  6. Remember that everything we are exposed to and including the people we meet contributes to our future pathways, networks and opportunities